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Friday, March 17, 2017

Testimony on Child Screen Digital Device Safety Bill March 2017 MD Senate

Please watch the videos below of the expert testimony presented to legislators on SB1089 cross filed as HB866. These bills protect children by ensuring that medical guidelines are developed for students in regards to cell phone use in schools. 

Shockingly,  the Senate committee voted this Bill down. We parents are at a loss to understand how any elected official who cares about kids could not stand up and support this effort. 

School Computer Use Can Cause Eye Damage: Cindy Eckard's  Testimony to MD Senate

 American Academy of Pediatrics MD Testifies in FAVOR of Child Screen Safety Bill

Health Protections for Technology Use in Schools is Critical: Testimony to MD Senate

Physician Testifies About Eye Damage He Has Seen From Overuse of Screens
 Physician Testifies That Screens Can Damage Children’s Sleep: Classroom Digital Device Bill

 2000 Member Health Group In Support of Medical Guidelines For Screens in School

PTA of Baltimore County Testifies in Favor of Medical Guidelines for Screen Use in Schools

Q & A Digital Device Medical Guidelines For Digital Devices in Schools MD Bill

Read this from Screens and Kids

"Senate EHE Committee votes down screen safety bill, putting MD students at risk for blindness from school equipment. 

Waiting to see the vote so we know exactly who turned their backs on our children, when they were presented with all the facts. Who would blind a child for political gain?"

March 17, 2017

Dear Delegate Arentz and Co-sponsors of HB866,

Last night the Senate EHE committee voted down SB1089, the cross filed bill for HB866, which directs DHMH to do its job, and create safety guidelines to protect our children from hazardous school equipment, as part of its Office of School Health. A simple, no-cost request that our children do not suffer from permanent damage from using devices that are unsafe.

The Committee voted it down last night, following Wednesday's hearing wherein the Senators saw a very informative video, received favorable oral testimony from a pediatric ophthalmologist and the American Academy of Pediatrics Maryland chapter, all of which underscored the urgency of this effort.

Piles of letters were received by the Committee in support as well, outlining all the risks our children face because of unregulated use of devices in school. Experts from around the country in a variety of specialties from optometry to psychiatry weighed in, alongside some of Maryland's largest parent coalitions.

Please do everything within your power today to persuade your colleagues in the Ways and Means Committee to favorably review HB866. A social media campaign was launched before dawn this morning among parents across the state, and across the country. 

Whosoever knowingly harms a child will be held responsible.

Thanks very much for your help,

Cindy Eckard

Cindy Eckard has a website at www.screensandkids.us. Please visit her website to learn more and take action in Maryland. 

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