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Saturday, February 25, 2017

HB 866: Maryland State Bill To Develop Medical Safety Guidelines For Digital Device Use In Schools

Maryland State Bill To Protect Children From Health Effects of the Overuse of Screens
Watch Videos of the Incredible Testimony Here And Thank You To ALL !

House Bill 866 would require the Maryland department of health to develop and implement health and safety guidelines and procedures for the use of digital devices in public school classrooms. Given the documented myriad of health risks for children, it is critical that schools have age-appropriate guidelines for the use of digital devices in schools.

Watch parents, PTA leaders and Doctors testify about the harmful effects on the eyes, addiction, psychological effects, social effects, physical effects and radiation effects in the videos below.

Want more details from more experts?
Watch Dr. Lissak's Lecture on the Psychological Issues related to Screens

Watch A Lecture on Worldwide Action on Screens and Children featuring Baltimore County Schools

Check out Safe Tech's past blog posts on the health issues posed by the overuse of screens in schools 

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