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Monday, November 9, 2020




Our children, teachers, and staff deserve safe and health technology. Wi-Fi networks and cell phones create high density wireless radiofrequency exposures in classrooms. Research has found radiofrequency radiation associated with cancer, brain damage, headaches, memory problems and damage to the reproductive system. Safer solutions do exist that allow internet connectivity but without harmful wireless exposures.

Many schools in the USA and worldwide are replacing wireless with safe wired technology connections due to this research. Teacher unions are passing resolutions for safe technology. Oregon has passed a bill to study the health effects of Wi-Fi in school and the Maryland State Children’s Environmental Health And Protection Council issued the first-ever US state recommendations to reduce classroom wireless exposure.

This information is from Environmental Health Trust. Read it here 


Collaborative for High Performance Schools Low EMF Criteria 

EHT’s Checklist for Schools How to Reduce EMF and Wireless

Maryland State Commission on Children and Environmental Health Protection

Best Practice Standards for Screen and Radiation in Schools by Cris Rowan, Dr. Lennart Hardell, Tarmo Koppel, Sveinn Kjartansson and Stella Saemundsdottir

Guidelines for Safer Use of Technology for Schools developed by Grassroots Environmental Education for the New York State Teachers Union

New Jersey Education Association “Minimize health risks from electronic devices” Article, PDF of Recommendations

Your Questions Answered

Parent Action Steps

Letter to School Administrator

PTAs Taking Action on Wi-Fi

Youtube Playlist on Wi-Fi in School

Classroom Educational Materials

Teacher Unions Taking Action on Wi-Fi

Key Elements for Resolutions & Position Statements

Action Steps for Educators and Unions 

Checklist: How to Reduce School Wireless

Collaborative for High Performance Schools LOW EMF Criteria

List of Schools Banning Cell Phones

List of Schools Reducing Wireless

Letters by Scientists to Schools

Research on Wi-Fi Frequencies

PDF of Studies on Wi-Fi to Share

Children are More Vulnerable

Screens Smartphones and Children


Safe Schools 2012: Medical and scientific statements on Wi-Fi in Schools

Wi-Fi in Canadian Schools: A Health and Safety Issue: Read a detailed document of peer-reviewed scientific studies (50) documenting potentially harmful biological effects of Wi-Fi frequency (2.4-2.45 GHz) at or below Health Canada’s Safety Code. (Note: Canada, Australia and US RF Limits are similar)

Environmental Health Trust 2015 Briefing on Wi-Fi in Schools 

Child Safe School Briefing Documents Grassroots Environmental

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