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Saturday, March 18, 2017

MD State Department of Education Sends Seemingly Misleading Information To State Elected Officials

A letter written on State Department of Education Superintendent Karen B Salmon letterhead provides wishy washy statements and seems to imply that a law creating health and safety guidelines is not needed because there  is a "draft plan" that "addresses these concerns".

This is an insult to the intelligence of parents and teachers everywhere.
Go to the DRAFT and search for yourself.

As Janis Zink Sartucci, Esq.  states in a letter to the Department, 
"In my review of THE DRAFT DOCUMENT, I have not been able to find the specific section that addresses the amount of screen time that students should be on digital devices while in public school classrooms.  Can you please assist me in locating the section of the draft that speaks to this issue? "

The current draft does not address the issues of radiation. Could there be another draft floating around that does or are the statements below simply false? 


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