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Friday, March 25, 2016

California Parents Are Protesting in The Streets With Signs.

Parents in California are advocating for safer schools. Here are parents standing in front of their school in the Fullerton School District with a sign to inform teachers and parents about the risk of the wireless system.

Dr. Leif Salford is a neurosurgeon at Lund University Hospital, and Chairman of the Department of Neurosurgery. Since 1988 he has led a team of researchers that have exposed thousands of laboratory rats to microwave radiation from various sources. They found that the radiation damaged the blood-brain barrier even when the exposure level is reduced a thousandfold. Additionally, in other experiments in Salford’s laboratory, long term exposure of rats to radiofrequency caused memory impairment and genetic damage.  
This research showing damage to the blood brain barrier has now been replicated. 

In March 2015,  Brain Research published  an article from the scientists at the Department of Neurosurgery, Southwest Hospital, Third Military Medical University, Chongqing, 400038, China:
In this study, Gang Zhu and collaborating scientists confirmed the indings of Leif Salford. They pointed out that activation of stress response pathway is involved in the effects. Here is the final conclusion quoted from the abstract:
Taken together, these results demonstrated that exposure to 900 MHz EMF radiation for 28 days can significantly impair spatial memory and damage BBB permeability in rat by activating the mkp-1/ERK pathway.

Watch a parent address the Board about her concerns. 

Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Wi-Fi Kill Switch for Schools

Schools Worldwide are turning the Wi-Fi OFF when not in use.

Dozens of countries worldwide are recommending reduced wireless exposures for children. This video shows a school administrator sharing the "simple" technology her schools use to turn off the wireless
Montgomery County can do easily set this up and support a safe healthy school. 

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Top Ten Facts About Laptops

Are we parents being fully informed of these facts? 

1.  Laptops Emit Microwave Radiation
All wireless enabled laptops emit microwave radiation. The  radiation levels are highest when you are connected to and using a wireless network.  

A little-known fact is  the laptop will radiate even if you are not using the wireless network. This is called a "digital handshake". The laptop is always "checking in" and searching for a WiFi connection.              Learn more HERE. 

2. A Laptop On The Lap is Considered Incorrect Consumer Use. 

People are NOT supposed to be placing laptops on the lap according to our federal government. 

FCC regulations  state very clearly that:

“mobile devices are transmitters designed to be used in such a way that a separation distance of at least 20 centimeters is normally maintained between the transmitter's radiating structure(s) and the body of the user or nearby persons.”  - FCC BULLETIN 65

3. All Laptops Including Google Chrome Books Have the Same Warnings:  Keep 20 cm (or ~ 8 inches) from the body. 

4.  Laptops are Radiation Safety Tested As If  Our Bodies are Always at Least 20 cm or 8 inches AWAY From The Device. 

US government FCC regulations state that laptops must be tested so that they don't emit high radiation levels which could burn the user. 

However the testing is done at 20 cm (or 8 inches) from the body.   

Laptops are not tested for safety on laps.  


5. Children Often Violate These Fine Print Warnings.

Children's arms are smaller  and they tend to sit with their devices differently than adults. Try watching a child with a device.  For a small child it is almost impossible to follow FCC recommendations and keep  8 inches from the body.  


6. Doctors Say The Distance Should Be Even More Than 8 inches for a Child. 
According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, children are more vulnerable to this radiation and FCC regulations need to be  stricter as they do not adequately protect children. Children's bodies are much smaller than adults,  so they will absorb more of this radiation. 

For example,  their heads will be more directly in front of the antenna and so the radiation will  more directly penetrate their head neck and chest area. 

7.  No Research Has Been Done That Shows the Full Amount of Radiation Children Absorb From Laptops.

We could not find research studies that assessed the amount of radiation children's bodies absorb from laptops use. 

However there is research showing how an adult body absorbs laptop radiation as you can see from the picture to the left.  You can read the full article here from the pic to the left.

8. A Laptop Can Burn Your Legs If You Rest It On Your Lap. 

The picture to the left is an example of burns from a laptop. Using a wireless device such as a laptop at a close distance to your body can result in thermal burns. Sometimes it takes many months or years for the injury to be evident because the radiation can first affect tissues underneath the skin surface. The  process is similar to a microwave where foods are heated from the inside out.  Laptops emit microwaves.
Watch the ABC Video on Laptop Burns Click Here.  

9. Wireless Companies Want to Keep It A Secret. 

The wireless companies claim that there is simply "no need" for  consumer “disclosures”  because it would "confuse the public" and " and cause anxiety" . The say that forcing them to disclose such information is "problematic from a  First Amendment standpoint."  (This means they will sue you - like this.) 

Read what happens when the City of Berkeley California tries to tell the public this information. 

10. Worldwide Laws Are Proposed To Inform Citizens About This Issue.

The former president of Microsoft-CA Frank Clegg has gone on record supporting people's right to know about wireless devices. Bill C-648 would require manufacturers of wireless devices to place health warnings labels on their packaging. (Learn More) Last year in Maine LD:1013 "The Wireless Information Act" passed the State Senate and House but then sunk because of industry pressure. Learn More. 

Do You Think Parents, Teachers and Students 
Should Be Informed? 

Watch this video to see the radiation levels from this laptop. 

Still With Us?  Read More. 
'Toasted Skin Syndrome' Can Be Caused By Warm Laptops, Researchers Warn 
Huffington Post article 
Toasted Skin Warning from Laptops CBS News. 
Burn Injury Caused by Laptop Computers

Sharma G. Burn Injury Caused by Laptop Computers, Ann Med Health Sci Res. Nov 2013; 3(Suppl1): S31–S32.
  • Laptop burn is a real condition and medical reports indicate that using a laptop across the legs can indeed cause it. Burning was induced in 3 days by using laptop for 4 h daily. Laptop should be used in properly ventilated and air-conditioned rooms. The most effective way of preventing erythema is to use the laptop on the table or desk.
Paprottka FJ et al. Third-degree burn leading to partial foot amputation--why a notebook is no laptop. Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery.  2012 Aug;65(8):1119-22. doi: 10.1016/j.bjps.2011.12.034. Epub 2012 Jan 23.
  • Now for the first time, we report on a case, in which notebook-induced thermal injuries placed in a patient's lap resulted in severe second- and third-degree burns. As a consequence, a partial amputation of the left foot had to be performed. 
Arnold A. Laptop Computer–Induced Erythema ab Igne in a Child and Review of the Literature , Pediatrics October 4, 2010.

  • We report here the case of a 12-year-old boy with erythema ab igne on his left thigh caused by the use of a laptop computer. This is the youngest of the 10 reported patients with this laptop-induced dermatosis. 
Avendaño C. et al., 2012. Use of laptop computers connected to internet through Wi-Fi decreases human sperm motility and increases sperm DNA fragmentation. Fertility and Sterility 97(1): 39-45.

    Thursday, March 10, 2016

    Breaking News: Two Teacher Unions Are Now Calling For A Ban On Wi-Fi In Schools

    Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation is calling for a moratorium on WIFI. In the Limestone School District they have taken the issue to the school trustees. “The Teacher Union’s president says there is a growing mountain of evidence that WIFI can pose health risks.” according to a recent news report. Andrea Loken/OSSTF District President stated in a news interview that, “There are thousands of published peer reviewed papers that are indicating adverse health effects from WIFI and we are seeing an increased awareness around this issue worldwide.”

    Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario is also calling for a “WIFI moratorium until further health studies are done, and lawmakers can catch up with new regulations.” 

    Saturday, March 5, 2016

    Ashland Public Schools: The First Public School To Reduce Wi-Fi Exposure to Children and Teachers

    Watch an excerpt from a recent TV interview with Massachusetts mother CeCe Doucette and Patricia Burke. The ydescribe their advocacy for safer schools and communities. In this excerpt below, CeCe describes how the Ashland Massachusetts Public School system did  due diligence and is minimizing radiation exposure in the classroom, just like 20 governments are doing worldwide. 

    News Coverage of Wi-Fi in Israel Schools

    Watch this excellent report on WiFi in Israeli cities and schools.  It is translated. 

    Watch a discussion on the radiation measurements done in Israeli schools below. Interestingly , it sounds just like concerns raised about MCPS measurements. 

    Friday, March 4, 2016

    US Congress Update on the NIH Rat Study on Wireless Radiation Exposure

    Since that date, they have not released information to the public.

    Below NIH researcher Michael Wyde details the rat study in a presentation after the 2009 hearings. 

    Midwifery Today Publishes Yale Doctor Recommendations that Pregnant Woman Reduce Wi-Fi Exposure

    Midwifery Today, Issue 116, Winter 2015 just published an article on the Yale Obstetrics Chairman Dr. Hugh Taylor's BabySafe Project which recommends that pregnant woman reduce exposure to cell phones and wireless because of potential damage to the fetal brain. 

    Babysafe Mode: Getting Smarter about Smart Technology and Pregnancy by Mary Esther Malloy

    Read the article at: https://www.midwiferytoday.com/articles/BabysafeMode.asp

    Download the PDF 

    Learn about the BabySafe project at http://www.babysafeproject.org

    "Dr. Hugh Taylor, chair of the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences at Yale University School of Medicine, is one such voice for change. He says, “We have demonstrated clear cause and effect relationships in mice, and we already have studies showing that women who use cell phones have children with more behavioral problems. I think together that’s very powerful evidence…. There’s essentially no downside to being cautious and protecting your baby” (Taylor 2014)."

    Tuesday, March 1, 2016

    California Parents Are Calling For Safe Technology and the Removal of Wi-Fi in Their Schools

    Nationwide, parents are raising this issue in their schools. Please watch these excellent testimonies to the School Board on the Wi-Fi roll out.

    "Children are getting nosebleeds from the wireless technology"
    Father states to CA School Board

    "How do we justify exposing children to Wi-Fi in Schools" A USA Mother to the School Board.

    "Your advisors have managed to steal every one of your moral compasses" Father on School Wi-Fi

    It looks like parents across the country are involved in the same safety efforts as we are here in Maryland.
    Montgomery County has received over 15 letters about Wi-Fi from doctors and scientists:

    Rhode Island Patch, ABC and NBC News: Teacher says she's being fired because she believes WiFi is health hazard

    KINGSTOWN, RI—A teacher who says electromagnetic fields and WiFI signals make her sick has been fired by the school district for insubordination.
    The School Committee last week, in a rare public airing of a school personnel conflict, voted 4-0 to terminate North Kingstown High School Math Teacher Shelley McDonald at the end of the school year after accepting the superintendent’s recommendation.
    The vote sets the stage for a formal evidentiary hearing that will be held before March 1 upon which the vote can be finalized.
    Superintendent Phil Auger said that McDonald failed to attend two training sessions for the standardized PARCC test on two occasions last year, refused to administer the PARCC test in December and unplugged a wireless router in defiance of the school principal.
    “We cannot allow district staff to be insubordinate to superiors,” Superintendent Phil Auger said as he read from his recommendation.
    In her defense, McDonald pleaded with the committee to let her keep her job and said it is her livelihood and loves teaching. She said that the WiFi radiation and the “EMF from those devices are harmful and make me sick.
    “I have never refused to attend a training,” she said. ”I have asked for accommodation for training done on safe, hard-wired computers when the training is scheduled for wireless devices.” Read the full post from NK Patch here 

    Read more about this teacher and watch videos of her testifying to the school board about wireless radiation by clicking here
    Watch Video of Math Teacher Being Fired Because of the PARCC Test and WiFi Tech rollout.

    Letter from Cindy Sage

    This letter of expert testimony on wireless health risks is submitted in support of Shelley McDonald, who has spoken about the potential risks to school children of chronic exposure to pulsed radio frequency radiation from WiFi and the use of wireless devices by children.

    The scientific evidence for adverse effects from chronic exposure to wireless technologies (pulsed radio frequency) is clear and strong enough today that school districts should provide technology-based learning via wired rather than wireless devices. Further screen-time should be limited.

    Homework that has to be performed by wireless means should be strictly avoided (so that parents and siblings are not involuntarily exposed to wireless emissions at home, and during sleep). Wireless teaching should not dominate nor replace traditional teacher-to-student based techniques. Students
    with special educational needs (special ed classrooms) should avoid all wireless exposures, in particular. And pregnant teachers, or those planning a family should not be required to use wireless devices in the classroom, nor teach in classrooms with WiFi routers.


    Cindy Sage, MA
    Sage Associates
    Co-Editor, BioInitiative Reports

    Read North Kingston Patch: NK teacher refutes intent of memorandum