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Friday, August 26, 2016

Letter to All Superintendents and Chief Executive Officers of the Public Schools in Maryland by Dr. Ronald Powell August 25, 2016

TO:  All Superintendents and Chief Executive Officers of the Public Schools in Maryland

 August 25, 2016
This is the message that scientists and physicians, who are conducting research on the impact of wireless devices on health, want you to hear:

The radiofrequency/microwave radiation produced by wireless devices, like Wi-Fi, wireless computers, cell phones, cordless phones, and smart meters, is harmful to human health.
For this reason, it is vital that the mandatory irradiation of children, not to mention teachers and staff, in the Maryland Public Schools be ended.

If you doubt that such radiation is harmful, please see the two attached documents which will point you to major references on this subject:
If you still think that wireless technology is safe, please consider these questions:
  • Which sources of information are assuring you that wireless technology is safe?
  • Do those sources have any vested interest in wireless technology?  Do they sell, install, or service wireless devices?
  • Will those sources give you written evidence, for public scrutiny, that backs up their claims of safety for the wireless devices that they advocate that you use in your schools?
  • Does the expertise of those sources match, in any way, the expertise of the world's leading scientists and physicians, referenced in the attached documents, including those at the National Institutes of Health, who are actively conducting research on the health effects of the radiation from wireless devices.
If you would like to read the views, of scientists, doctors, and other knowledgeable individuals, already provided to the Montgomery County Public Schools, please find the letters that they have submitted here:
If you have any doubts about the safety of wireless technology, what is the prudent step to take?
  • Keep irradiating the children, and add even more sources of radiation, such as wireless thermostats and virtual-reality cell-phone devices, throughout the schools and without concern for the consequences to either the children or the decision makers advocating irradiation.
  • OR, take Precautionary Action by stopping the irradiating of the children, while awaiting additional evidence sufficient to convince you that the radiation is either harmful or safe.
If you elect Precautionary Action
You can largely resolve the problem of the mandatory irradiation of children in the schools by moving fromwireless connectivity, like Wi-Fi, to shielded wired connectivity, like the following:
  • shielded Ethernet cable
  • coaxial cable which is inherently shielded
  • optical fibers which do not need shielding because they do not radiate at all.
If you feel that you need help in assessing the impact of wireless devices on health, please seek competent advisors.  They should be individuals with biomedical backgrounds, particularly scientists and doctors involved in research on the biological effects of radiofrequency/microwave radiation.   And they should be free of conflicts of interest, such as funding from the wireless industries.

Who am I?

I am a retired U.S. Government career scientist.  I hold a Ph.D. in Applied Physics from Harvard University.  My background is described in both of the attached documents.

Thank you for your attention to this important issue.


Ronald M. Powell, Ph.D.

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