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Monday, August 8, 2016

C-Span US Presidential Candidate Jill Stein Speaks on Lead, School Wifi Health Risks and NIH Cell Phone Cancer Study

US presidential Candidate Harvard trained Dr. Jill Stein is asked on C-Span why she has raised concerns about wireless in schools. Stein answers that the NIH NTP study raises safety questions about wireless radiation. (The study found increased cancer in rats exposed for years to radio frequency at “legal” low level radiation levels.) 

Stein also comments how other countries are taking action to reduce exposures to the public and banning Wi-Fi in school. Stein also states she supports the precautionary principle and talks about how lead is toxic and if the country had followed the precautionary principle with lead decades ago we would not be in the situation we are in. 

Montgomery County Public School Radiation Levels are shown in this video! Takoma Park Middle School, Blair High School, Churchill High School, Greenbank Elementary School,  (where there is no wireless or cell towers) and Wheaton High School

Public Radio covered Stein on this issue.
"She's also pointed to some studies that raised questions about the effects of Wi-Fi on children's brains, saying that a regulatory agency should look at the issue."

Note: Safe Tech for Schools does NOT support any candidate but DOES support this issue being a part of the presidential debates. Safe Tech is a group of parents and teachers who represent ALL political parties and ALL ideologies but share the concern to protect our children from untested radiation in schools. 

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