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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Rhode Island Patch, ABC and NBC News: Teacher says she's being fired because she believes WiFi is health hazard

KINGSTOWN, RI—A teacher who says electromagnetic fields and WiFI signals make her sick has been fired by the school district for insubordination.
The School Committee last week, in a rare public airing of a school personnel conflict, voted 4-0 to terminate North Kingstown High School Math Teacher Shelley McDonald at the end of the school year after accepting the superintendent’s recommendation.
The vote sets the stage for a formal evidentiary hearing that will be held before March 1 upon which the vote can be finalized.
Superintendent Phil Auger said that McDonald failed to attend two training sessions for the standardized PARCC test on two occasions last year, refused to administer the PARCC test in December and unplugged a wireless router in defiance of the school principal.
“We cannot allow district staff to be insubordinate to superiors,” Superintendent Phil Auger said as he read from his recommendation.
In her defense, McDonald pleaded with the committee to let her keep her job and said it is her livelihood and loves teaching. She said that the WiFi radiation and the “EMF from those devices are harmful and make me sick.
“I have never refused to attend a training,” she said. ”I have asked for accommodation for training done on safe, hard-wired computers when the training is scheduled for wireless devices.” Read the full post from NK Patch here 

Read more about this teacher and watch videos of her testifying to the school board about wireless radiation by clicking here
Watch Video of Math Teacher Being Fired Because of the PARCC Test and WiFi Tech rollout.

Letter from Cindy Sage

This letter of expert testimony on wireless health risks is submitted in support of Shelley McDonald, who has spoken about the potential risks to school children of chronic exposure to pulsed radio frequency radiation from WiFi and the use of wireless devices by children.

The scientific evidence for adverse effects from chronic exposure to wireless technologies (pulsed radio frequency) is clear and strong enough today that school districts should provide technology-based learning via wired rather than wireless devices. Further screen-time should be limited.

Homework that has to be performed by wireless means should be strictly avoided (so that parents and siblings are not involuntarily exposed to wireless emissions at home, and during sleep). Wireless teaching should not dominate nor replace traditional teacher-to-student based techniques. Students
with special educational needs (special ed classrooms) should avoid all wireless exposures, in particular. And pregnant teachers, or those planning a family should not be required to use wireless devices in the classroom, nor teach in classrooms with WiFi routers.


Cindy Sage, MA
Sage Associates
Co-Editor, BioInitiative Reports

Read North Kingston Patch: NK teacher refutes intent of memorandum

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