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Thursday, May 7, 2015

MCPS Agrees To Perform Independent Radiation Measurements in Their Schools!

Notes from the May 5, 2015 Montgomery County Public Schools Meeting
Topic: The Health Risks of Wireless in Schools 

Members of Safe Tech For Schools Maryland met with Montgomery County Maryland Staff about the health risks of wireless radiation. During the meeting parents asked questions and shared information. MCPS declined to answer most questions at the meeting stating that they would "respond in writing". However the following information was gleaned from the meeting.

MCPS is comfortable with radiation emitting devices in the classroom despite research showing brain damage. Parents shared  a recent study showing brain damage from Wi-Fi exposure (at levels well below the legal limit ) where researchers stated that "long term exposure may lead to adverse effects such as neurodegenerative diseases" like dementia. Read it HERE.

"We're Not Irradiating Kids" stated Mr. Collette MCPS Chief Technology Officer, when parents asked for MCPS to take measures to reduce radiation exposures.
Why would MCPS order radiation measurements if they were not placing radiation emitting devices in the schools? MCPS needs to be aware that wireless radiation is RF EMF, a type of Radiation as classified by the World Health Organization's International Agency for the Research on Cancer (IARC) as a Class 2 B Carcinogen?  Wireless is radiation. Please Know the Facts.

All independent research shows heavy (30 minutes day) cell phone use (over ten years) is 
statistically significantly linked to increased brain cancer. 

If 30 minutes a day from a cell phone has this impact, what will 6 hours of a wifi router and chromebooks do to our children who will have a lifetime of exposure?

It is concerning that MCPS is not acting after the District was informed that the radiation levels measured at MCPS schools have been shown to result in the following health effects in these research studies : brain damage, cardiac problems, leukemia, headaches, concentration problems, sleep problems, DNA damage and immune damage.

The American Academy of Pediatrics, the Department of the Interior,  and Yale and Harvard Doctors clearly state that FCC levels do not protect children. Why Does MCPS still believe that FCC radiation guidelines "are safe."
When asked why MCPS was not considering the fact that other countries were recommending reduced wireless exposures, and that countries like France had banned WiFi in schools. Mr. Collette stated that he could talk a lot about France (but never answered the question). When asked if he knew that the California Medical Association had deemed FCC regulations un-protective of human health, he stated something to the effect that "California was California".

MCPS Will Produce Proof Of Safety
Parents asked for proof of safety and Mr. Collette stated, "We've got plenty of evidence." Parents are very curious as to where Mr. Colette  will find such evidence.

MCPS Will Do Radiation Measurements This Spring
Mr. Collette stated that they were planning for radiation measurements to verify MCPS radiation measurements and will use an agency like that which measured the LA Unified School District's radiation levels.

MCPS Will Not Allow Parents to Witness the Radiation Testing. 
When parents asked for a representative to accompany the people hired to do radiation testing they were told "no, we dont want to have a three ring circus". Hmm. Parent's asked for "one person" to accompany, not a three ring circus as Mr Collette stated. This lack of transparency is deeply concerning.

The following MCPS officials attended the meeting:

Chief Technology Officer Sherwin Collette

Brian K. Edwards, Chief Communications Officer 
(301) 279-3145 brian_edwards@mcpsmd.org
Chuck McGee Director of the Technology Support Division 
240-453-2590 chuck_mcgee@mcpsmd.org
Steve Dolney, Assistant Chief Technology Officer
301-279-3581 Stephen_M_Dolney@mcpsmd.org
Dr. Kara Trenkamp, Director II Department of Instructional Technology 
240-314-2250 kare_b_trenkamp@mcpsmd.org

MCPS is Now Responsible
MCPS leadership has now been fully informed of the risks of wireless radiation to children and staff. It is important they take action to reduce this risk.  They are responsible for the safety of our children. 

Read Some of the Information MCPS has been given on Wireless Health Risks
Safe Schools 2012  A comprehensive international document by WIFI in Schools UK detailing the scientific rationale for caution with wireless. 
Our Children, Our Future, Our Responsibility Wireless Technologies – An Urgent National and Global Emergency: 
What Doctors are calling for Caution? Read All About it HERE. 

Press Release on MCPS Agreeing to Do Independent  Radiation Measurements

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