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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Are Parents Comfortable With Classroom Radiation Levels That Cause Harm in Research Studies?

MCPS is stating the radiation levels in classrooms "meet US Regulations" but...

US Regs are not federally developed safety standards. 

They are maximum allowable radiation limits. (Adopted 18 years ago, not considering recent science)

Wi-Fi might be legal...hmm

The real question is ...are these guidelines safeguarding our children?

Do You Feel Comfortable With These Radiation Levels? 
Below are pictures of radiation measurements taken by a concerned citizen at an MCPS elementary school classroom with a Cornet meter.  We are deeply concerned because children are sitting under these devices every day. 

36.47 mW/m²  = 3.647 μW/cm²   
The following effects have been shown in research studies with this level of radiation (or lower). 
Genetic changes in human white blood cells
Drop in NK lymphocytes (immune function decreased) 

Slowed memory/altered immune function in children
Changed cell membrane acetylcholine-induced ion channels
Doubling of leukemia in adults
Impaired nervous system activity
Calcium-efflux in cells - affects many cell functions.
Significant effect on immune function (mice)
Serum testosterone levels in mice
Two-fold increase in leukemia in children
Decreased survival in children with leukemia
Headaches, concentration problems, sleeping problems

Affected kidney development in rats (in utero exposure) Pathological leakage in blood-brain barrier
Affected human lymphocytes - stress response in cells

41.87 mW/m²  = 4.187 μW/cm² 
The following effects have been shown in specific research studies with this level of radiation (or lower). 
Caused changes in hippocampus, part of the brain that deals with memory and learning. 
RFR decreased cell proliferation
Affected calcium concentrations in heart muscle cells
Affected production of free radicals in rat cells
Negatively affected memory, attention, motor function
Induced double-strand DNA damage in rat brain cells
Caused irreversible infertility (in mice at 5 generations)
Reduced memory function in rats
Read the citations here. 

These are radiation readings at a time when no laptops were in use. So we assume it is just the radiation from the router and access points. (Dozens are in the schools and mostly in classrooms) We wonder what the radiation levels will be when laptops are in use? We assume much much higher.

Are these levels "safe"? No. 
"Not Safe"-According to the Experts. 

Having done experiments on cellular model systems we have found an effect from electromagnetic radiation from WiFi. I have strongly suggested for years now that they should be used only if absolutely necessary in the home and not at all in schools. There is no reason for having WiFi in schools since there is an alternative – wired connections which are safer and faster.
-Professor Lukas H. Margaritis, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Cell Biology and Radiobiology, Dept of Cell Biology and Biophysics, University of Athens, Greece. Read More. 

Check out this comparison of Wireless Radiation guidelines.

The LA School District says this is safe = .1 μW/cm²
Salzberg Austria says this is safe = 0.0001 μW/cm²
Belgium (Brussels, Wallonia, Flanders) Bulgaria, Luxembourg and the Ukraine = 2.4 μW/cm²
The BioInitiative Report recommends .0003 to .0006 μW/cm² as a safety threshold. 

4.187 μW/cm² in an elementary school classroom is NOT safe. 

No documentation exists that these levels of radiation are "safe". 
Documentation does exist that these levels could be unsafe and hazardous. 

FACT:  Government Regulations Are NOT Adequate to Protect Our Children's Health. 
The American Academy of Pediatrics, California Medical Association and countless other Doctors state that US FCC Regulations Do Not Protect  Children. These codes are 18 years outdated, inadequate and irrelevant. Read More. 

The school can use safe technology and have radiation levels at zero. They can follow Best Practices. 

We are thankful that MCPS is going to bring in Independent testing but deeply concerned about the lack of transparency. At least one parent should be able to accompany the testing and see that measurements are being taken in the manner the laptops and other devices are used in the classroom. MCPS stated they would respond in writing after our meeting on May 5, 2015 but so far have not responded with a letter. 

Read the Schools That Have Turned OFF WiFi and Installed Safe Technology. 
Read About Children Getting Headaches From WiFi

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