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Friday, February 27, 2015

WiFi is WHAT? A Message From A Mother.

Wifi Is What ?
Message From a Mother About How She Learned About the Health Risks of WiFi.

I have been dealing with a health issue for the past few years and I was told by my doctor to reduce the radiation in my home.  My first thought was what???

I have a very green home and try to make the environment as healthy as possible, but this was new territory for me and something I had never thought about. Wouldn't I know if radiation was a concern in my home.  It took me 6 months to finally call the professional my doctor recommended.  She came to my house and turned her microwave radiation meter on and walked right to my router at my desk which was giving off radiation at sky high numbers.  For years unbeknownst of the danger, I had been working at my computer, right by the router, not knowing that this was the absolute worse place if you want to get as little radiation exposure as possible.  The closer you are to the router the more radiation you receive.  Most WiFi in homes is powerful enough to go through walls, floors, ceilings, even reach our neighbors homes - so why on earth would I want to be sitting right next to the router.

It would be nice if companies like FIOS explained this to customers when they install the equipment. I worked with my provider and wired the computer i use - so that I'm always online but without the radiation.   I have also learned how to turn the WiFi on and off in my home through my computer.  As I learned more about the possible health consequences from the full body exposure you get from WiFi and from the computer sending pulsed radiation out to connect with the WiFi, lowering the radiation in my home is probably the most important step I took for my health.  

Now that I'm aware of the radiation from WiFi, I worry about the WiFi in my children's schools.  There are many, many routers throughout the school, the routers are on all day, and industrial strength.  I worked so hard to provide a safer environment at home, only to have them exposed to radiation throughout the school day.  We do not know the long term effects from too much exposure, we don't even know how much is too much, but we do know that at very low levels there is cell damage, inflammation, trouble focusing and learning. We also know that children absorb radiation in their brains at a much higher rate then adults.  

Several research studies show reproductive, neurological, leukemia, and other cancers. Knowing that there is the potential to do harm, I think we need a precautionary approach and lower the risk as much as possible.  We should not limit technology, but be smart about it.  Turning off WiFi when possible and wiring where we can.  This is easy if we agree that our children are worth it and deserve our protection.  We should do everything we can to help our kids live long and healthy lives.  

-A Concerned Mother,  Montgomery County, Maryland

Learn about the research that concerns parents here. 

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