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Friday, February 20, 2015

Credible Research Shows Wireless is Not Safe

From the EHT Doctor Advice Brochure

The Research is Credible

Parents and teachers are contacting us asking to see "the credible research". There so much research we could share with you,  but perhaps you could start here.
As parents we think it is common sense to choose something proven safe. We love technology.  Let's simply connect to the internet with cords, not radiation. Teacher Unions are taking action worldwide to protect their health and the health of the students they love.

Doctors of the World Health Organization are calling for immediate action.  NIH is running a study right now exposing rodents to wireless  at low levels for several hours a day seeing if they get cancer, and DNA damage etc.. . It will be a few years before we get results. Why would we exposure our kids to something being researched on rats?  Our children are not guinea pigs. Lets wait for proof of safety!

We hope this makes sense. We hope this is helpful to you. We simply want the best for our kids.
 If you have research or medical conclusions stating this radiation is "safe" please send it to us.

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