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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

New Movie on The Wireless Revolution: Could Loving Our Cell Phones Be Zapping Our Health ?

The Official Trailer for the Movie "Generation Zapped" Has Been Released. 

The movie Generation Zapped is set for release and the trailer is now available!  Please watch the trailer below followed by an invitation from Sabine El Gemayel, Director of Generation Zapped.

For more information, tips and updates, and to sign up for a screening in your community please go to: www.generationzapped.com.

"In less than a generation, cell phones and the Internet have revolutionized virtually every aspect of our lives, transforming how we work, socialize and communicate. But what are the health consequences of this invisible convenience?
As a mother of teenagers I am concerned with the shadow side of wireless technology on our children. I am troubled by the increased health risks and how it is sociologically impacting children’s development and behavior. As a citizen and consumer, I am disturbed by the business ethics behind the wireless revolution and its ubiquitous use in schools, at work, and at home.
I love technology and the many conveniences it has offered us, yet I believe that increased transparency is vital, including pre-market testing, post-market monitoring, and revised policies and regulations.
Finally, I invite audiences to consider the case for honoring the precautionary principle when it comes to the adoption of wireless technology – to simply slow down, turn it off at night and “plug it in” until more extensive research is validated and complete."

-- Sabine El Gemayel (Director of Generation Zapped)

For more information, tips and updates, and to sign up for a screening in your community please go to: www.generationzapped.com.

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Want to learn more?

Environmental Health Trust posted online resources for parents, for young adults and for pediatricians.

More from Environmental Health Trust below

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), our nation's largest organization of pediatrician and pediatric specialists, has repeatedly warned of children’s high vulnerability to wireless radiation and recommended policy action to update our nation’s radiofrequency radiation limits and inform consumers about cellular radiation. The AAP recommends to parents that exposure to children be reduced and has issued ten strategies to reduce families’ exposures. The AAP is only one of many medical organizations recommending reducing exposures, and we invite you to review the breadth of medical expert opinion worldwide.

What’s new?

Most recently, the Maryland State Children’s Environmental Health and Protection Advisory Council (CEHPAC), a group of pediatricians, government representatives and environmental health experts, has issued a Report advising the Department of Education to recommend local school districts reduce classroom wireless radiation exposures as low as possible by providing wired—rather than wireless—internet connections. These recommendations are the first recommendations on radiofrequency by a state body to be issued in the United States. Read the full press release here.

In addition to CEHPAC, several US policy initiatives and expert recommendations in the United States support reducing radiofrequency exposure to protect children. For example, the Connecticut Department of Health issued specific recommendations to reduce exposure stating, “It is wise to reduce your exposure to radiofrequency energy from cell phones whenever possible.” Students are using cell phones to do research in class and they carry the devices around in pockets close to their bodies, unaware that this practice allows radiation absorption that surpasses our government limits—as documented by the release of radiation measurements by the French government in June 2017. Berkeley California passed a Cell Phone Right To Know Ordinance that informs users about the fine print FCC separation distances for cell phones.

In 2014, the US Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) developed Best Practices for LOW EMF classrooms that details how schools can reduce electromagnetic exposures by replacing wireless networks with wired networks and replacing cordless phones with wired phones. In September 2016, the  New Jersey Educational Review published an article entitled, “Minimize health risks from electronic devices” reiterating the CHPS criteria and adding additional measures including, “Hard wire all fixed devices such as printers, projectors and boards.” Read the article on the NJEA Review here.

Worldwide, over a dozen governments, medical organizations and physicians recommend reducing radiofrequency radiation to children, and many countries are directly addressing school exposures. For example, Cyprus has removed Wi-Fi from elementary classrooms and has a strong public awareness campaign educating parents. France has banned advertising cell phones to children and also has banned Wi-Fi in kindergarten. In French schools, Wi-Fi is turned OFF as the default setting. Belgium has banned cell phones for young children. Haifa, Israel has installed corded connections in all schools, and the country of Israel officially recommends wired connections in schools.
In the United States and around the world, many public and private schools are removing the wireless.
Learn more at EHTs International Policy Update Site

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