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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

WTHR News Investigates: Cell Phone Radiation Causes Cancer in NIH Rats

13 Investigates cellphones and cancer: Is the risk real?

"What we found here is fairly clear evidence of a signal," said Dr. David McCormick, director of the Illinois Institute of Technology Research Institute, where the federal government conducted its RF study that cost nearly $30 million.
During the 10-year research project, mice and rats were exposed to RF radiation designed to mimic human exposure based on the radio frequencies and modulations used in the United States. Some of the male rats developed cancerous brain tumors, as well as a rare, malignant tumor known as a schwannoma of the heart.
"What we are saying here is that based on the animal studies, there is a possible risk cellphone RF is potentially carcinogenic in humans," McCormick explained to WTHR at his laboratory on the south side of Chicago. "These are uncommon lesions in rodents, so it is our conclusion that they are exposure related."
"So you're saying: in your lab you found cell phone radiation caused cancer?" 13 Investigates asked, making sure we understood correctly.
"That's correct," McCormick said. "At this point, do we have unequivocal evidence that says cellphone RF radiation is carcinogenic? In humans, no. In rats, I think the answer to that is ‘yes.' For us, that is a signal, and it means there is a question mark out there.
“There is a possible risk cellphone RF is potentially carcinogenic”
Funded by the National Toxicology Program(NTP) and the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, the study's final findings will not be released until sometime next year. Researchers took the unusual step of releasing an initial reportdue to the widespread health implications of the study.
"This was, I think, a surprising finding to virtually all of us who were involved in the study," McCormick said.

See the news report online here http://www.wthr.com/article/13-investigates-cellphones-and-cancer-is-the-risk-real

Thousands of Doctors recommend that children reduce exposure to cell phones and wireless.

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