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Sunday, June 26, 2016

"Wi-Fi Causes Terrible Headaches" Children and Parents Call For Wi-Fi To Be Removed From School

In New York State, students and parents are giving testimony to their Board of Education calling for Wi-Fi to be removed from classrooms. Please watch these two minute clips from a recent BOE meeting

A special thank you to these parents and students for advocating for safe schools. As more people take the time to learn about this issue, there will be more voices. 

Want to take the next step? 
1. Educate yourself 
2. Contact your elected officials, school board and teachers. 
3. Do not take no for answer. 
In matters of children's health and safety the only solution it to ensure children are adequately protected. Ask that your child have a wire (not wireless) for their device in the classroom and get the school fully hardwired. Learn more about best practices in schools.  

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