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Friday, May 6, 2016

Press Conference on Children, Wi-Fi and Cell phone Symposium at Pediatric Societies Conference

May 3, 2016: Doctors and Scientists held a press conference before their Pediatric Academic Societies Symposium on Children and Wireless Health Risks. This video is a MUST WATCH for anyone wanting to hear what was discussed at the professional symposium.
2016 Pediatric Societies Annual Conference
Cell Phones, Wireless and Children’s Health Session 4580
Baltimore Convention Center at 1 W Pratt St, Baltimore, MD 21201

The 2016 Pediatric Societies Annual Conference presented a Symposium on Children, Cell Phones and Wireless. Over 8000 pediatricians, research scientists, health care providers and policy makers from around the world attended the conference. The Pediatric Academic Societies consists of four sponsoring societies: The American Pediatric Society, the Society for Pediatric Research, the Academic Pediatric Association, and the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Overview on Wireless Exposure and Children’s Health by Devra Davis MPH, Ph.DClick Here to See the Handout by Devra Davis MPH, Ph.D
The Link between Autism and Electromagnetic Fields by Martha Herbert Ph.D., M.D.Click Here to See the Handout by Martha Herbert Ph.D., M.D.
Fetal Exposure to Cell Phones by Hugh Taylor M.D, Yale School of MedicineClick Here to See the Handout by Hugh Taylor M.D
The Big Disconnect: Protecting Childhood and Family Relationships in the Digital Age by Catherine Steiner-Adair Ph.D.
Click Here to See the Handout by Catherine Steiner-Adair Ph.D.
Protecting the Brains of the Future by Maya Shetreat-Klein M.D.Click Here to See the Handout by Maya Shetreat-Klein M.D.

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