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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Weapons of Mass Distraction: Parents Call To Halt the One To One Tech Device Program in Baltimore County Schools

The Baltimore County School District is funding a 270 million dollar technology program. The last few months of Board of Education meetings have focused on the health and safety issues posed by screen time after parents raised strong concerns.

The "One to One" program means that each child would have a technology device that would connect to the school wireless network. Please watch the Superintendent Dallas of Baltimore Schools discuss this technology program in  this MUST WATCH well financed video. In this video he states that teachers who do not use technology will be replaced by teachers who do.

Learn more about Superintendent Dallas Dance here. 

In Baltimore, countless parents are raising a multitude of concerns about the program. Parents are calling for a halt to the STAT Technology program which stands for Students and Teachers Accessing Tomorrow. 

Watch a parent detail her concerns about the technology roll out in this video. She directs the Board to the STAR blog that is sharing information on parent and teacher concerns. https://statusbcps.wordpress.com

Please check out the excellent parent educator STAR blog here. This blog details everything you need to know about the Baltimore STAT Program. 

"The ongoing investment of money and personnel in an unproven one-to-one computer tablet program shifts resources away from the basic necessities of comfort, safety, food, and meaningful human interaction."
"Rather than the student-teacher contact experience I’d expected, I’ve learned to babysit technology-addicted beasts. " states a first grade educator in a scathing opinion piece. 

In Baltimore, asthma rates in children are very high and the heat exacerbates symptoms. Old buildings with poor circulation and antiquated HVAC systems   create indoor air quality  issues that pose health risks to students with asthma and respiratory health issues.

Please watch these videos below where students talk about the conditions of their school buildings.

It is notable that in addition to concerns about the technology, parents are also coming in to talk about the lack of air conditioning in schools and how children are unable to learn in such hot conditions. They are concerned about the poor condition of the ageing schools and asking for renovations and for new schools to be built. They are questioning why money os being spent on computers when it should be spent on aging infrastructure.

Watch a Tech executive visit a Baltimore School. 
How much money is he making a year to sell this crap to our kids?

The question at hand is this: What is more important? Fixing dilapidated school buildings or getting children computers? Should a child get a computer before the school gets air conditioning?
Watch this video of a mother talking about deplorable conditions in a school.

Safe Tech has created a playlist on Youtube of Baltimore parents so that you can watch even more videos of these parents testimony including the testimony about air conditioning and the lack of recess.

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