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Friday, February 19, 2016

Watch Video of Math Teacher Being Fired Because of the PARCC Test and WiFi Tech rollout.

Shelley McDonald, a well loved Math teacher from North Kingston Rhode Island was just voted by the school committee to be terminated. Watch the NBC News Piece Below.

Please watch this video of the math teacher's termination.
First are edited excerpts, then comes the full meeting unedited. 

According to official documents given to McDonald before the hearing she was being terminated for

  • "unwillingness to use technology in the classroom"
  • "unwilling to follow directives regarding use of technology"
  • "unwilling to attend trainings on technology"

However in the meeting (as seen in the above video) the official reason was then changed it to "subordination".

She refused to compromise student privacy. 

She refused to sign the PARCC testing agreement, because it talked about teacher and student liability if something went wrong and how information went to 3rd parties. She was dismissed the day of PARCC testing, but was planning to proctor, and was threatened to be suspended without pay. That never happened, because when the school lawyer read the language of the agreement she refused to sign- she agreed there was a problem. So, thanks to Shelley they changed the policy so no teachers had to sign it.

She raised concerns that wireless radiation may not be safe for students. 

She presented the school with letters from Doctors about her sensitivity to wireless radiation which was making her ill and she asked for accomodation. They dismissed this concern. Please note that other teachers have been given accommodations in the United States and many have worldwide. (The Los Angeles Unified School District Accommodated a Teacher (Read the Press release). Read her letter of accomodation Here. Watch  a professor in Raleigh North Carolina describe his accommodation which involves wifi routers being turned off during his classes. 

Please read our post about an 11 year old boy with symptoms from wireless whereby the parents are suing the fancy private school for ADA violations and retaliation. 

Lawsuit Headed to Trial For Student With Wi-Fi Sensitivity in Massachusetts School ADA Complaint

Read the newspaper articles about this courageous teacher here. 

Thousands of Doctors recommend that children reduce exposure to cell phones and wireless.

Our children deserve a safe and healthy environment. Safe Tech for Schools has additional articles that are wonderful to share. Please contact us for these at safetechforschoolsmaryland@gmail.com.

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