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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Letter to MCPS Administrators on The Need For Factual Information Concerning Cell Phone And Wireless Cancer Risk

Dear Dr. Andrew Zuckerman, Mr. Larry A. Bowers and Mr. Sherwin Collette,

RE: The Incorrect Statements On Your Radio Frequency FAQs Webpage

This letter is to make you aware of a few of the false statements present in MCPS's Radiofrequency Radiation Monitoring webpage. The current MCPS posted information reflects a lack of factual information on the World Health Organizations International Agency for the Research on Cancer (WHO IARC) classification of wireless radiofrequency RF-EMF radiation as a Class 2 B Carcinogen. The parents, teachers and staff of Montgomery County Schools deserve accurate responsible information on the radiation levels in MCPS schools.

The MCPS Radio Frequency FAQs page falsely states that:
“The 2B classification was based on studies of extremely heavy cell phone use: 1,640 hours or more per year, which is equal to holding a cell phone to the side of one’s head for four hours a day, every day for an entire year.”

The facts:
  1. The 1640 hours linked to increased brain tumors in the Interphone Study pertained to lifetime cumulative cell phone use (not annually as MCPS falsely states).
  2. Heavy use in the long term cell phone research that provided strong evidence for the Class 2 B classification was often defined as 30 minutes a day over ten years (not 4 hours a day as MCPS falsely states). Watch WHO IARC expert Dr. Bann state this clearly in this video  here.

The MCPS Radio Frequency FAQs page falsely states that
“Using the Group 2B classification of the entire spectrum of radiofrequencies as an indication that Wi-Fi is harmful when the classification came about due to extremely heavy cell phone use and not Wi-Fi does not accurately represent the intention of the classification”

The facts:
  1. The carcinogenic classification specifically refers to radio frequency radiation and was intended to apply to radio frequency radiation in the frequency range of  30KHz to 300GHz  from any source.
  2. Dr. Robert Bann, the World Health Organization International Agency for Research on Cancer Secretary has detailed on several occasions how the experts specifically intended this classification to apply to the full range of radio frequency radiation which includes wifi, personal wireless devices (like Chromebook laptops) and cell tower radiation. Bann clearly states this in his detailed lecture in 2011 found here and in his writing found here.
  3. The cell phone research provided evidence of effects from long term human exposures to radio- frequency radiation as it was the only way most people were exposed to radiofrequency radiation a decade ago. However, these days the public exposed in many other ways with cell phones being only one source of many. Read The Lancet’s published statement by the IARC from 2011 on cancer risk of wireless radiation that specifies the frequencies in the classification.  

This is just two of many inaccurate statements MCPS has posted. We will be sending you a comprehensive statement detailing the many other factual errors presented by MCPS soon. To start, please update your site with the facts noted.

These false facts are resulting in misinformed conclusions with the end result being that MCPS is refusing to take a precautionary stance on this issue. We cannot dilute the significance of this classification.  The fact is that children are now exposed to a Group 2B “possible” carcinogen nonstop for the entire school day. This risk is easily resolved by installing safe radiation free technology in classrooms.

Theodora Scarato LCSW-C

PS.  Please review the electromagnetic radiation spectrum so you can understand how your assumptions about the Acoustimeter are inaccurate and false. This meter measures microwave radiation in the range of 200 MHz to about 8000 MHz (8 GHz), and does not measure overhead lighting, nor most AM and FM radio or TV frequencies. The meter also has an audio output enabling you to hear the signal modulation.
Read The Full Letter Here.

Watch this video of an expert neurosurgeon Dr. Santosh Kesari discussing the issue of radio frequency "the kid factor"  and brain tumors.

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