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Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Today Show: Pediatricians' New Warning: Limit Children's Exposure to Radiofrequency Radiation

American Academy of Pediatrics Doctors Are Calling for Precautions With Children. 

"Children are not little adults," Dr. Gisela Mercada-Deane, chair of radiology at the American Academy of Pediatrics, said. "The amount of radio frequency that children will be exposed by the time they are our age [an adult] is exponential to the amount of radiation, radio frequencies that we ourselves are being exposed to in a lifetime."

Wireless microwave transmitters in schools emit radiofrequency radiation just like cell phones. 

Wi-Fi access points in every classroom exposes children to constant daily radio-frequency radiation. 

Safe Tech Parents have asked (for three years now) that MCPS reduce exposures just as these Doctors are saying.

We also have asked that MCPS and PGCPS educate children on safer ways to use cell phones and wireless devices.

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