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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Could Wi-Fi In Schools Cause Headaches and Heart Irregularities ?

Watch This Investigative News Report on Wi-Fi In Schools, Headaches and Heart Problems.
You see a town where they installed state of the art fiber-optics and removed wireless. 

Watch this mother, Charlene Acres,  describe how her daughter became sensitive to wireless radiation and developed constant headaches. 

Watch this video where journalist and father Rodney Palmer gives testimony about what happened 18 months after Wi-Fi was installed at his child's school. 4 Children were wearing heart monitors because of heart issues that occurred at school.
Others had headaches and neurological problems.
(Safety code 6 is Canada's wireless standards- similar to the US Standards)

True or False: Be sure you know the facts about Wi-Fi in schools. 

Could Wireless Be Linked to Headaches? 
Q: Does cell phone research have anything to do with Wi-Fi in Schools? 
A: Yes. Both emit the same type of radiation. Research has not been done to look at long term exposure to Wi-Fi in Schools but research has been done on long term exposure to cell phones. Of course in these studies "heavy" cell use was 30 minutes a day.  Yup. 30 minutes. 

What will the impact be on our children exposed to 6+ hours a day of industrial Wi-Fi? 

Madhuri et al,  Prenatal and Postnatal Cell Phone Exposures and Headaches in Children. Open Pediatrics Medical Journal. 2012 Dec 5; 6(2012):46-52.
  • Children with cell phone exposure had higher odds of migraines and headache-related symptoms than children with no exposure. 

Szyjkowska et al.,  The risk of subjective symptoms in mobile phone users in Poland - An epidemiological study. Int J Occup Med Environ Health. 2014 Apr 1. 
  • Headaches were reported significantly more often by the people who talked frequently and long in comparison with other users. Our results show that the mobile phone users may experience subjective symptoms, the intensity of which depends on the intensity of use of mobile phones.

Chu et al., Clinical features of headache associated with mobile phone use: a cross-sectional study in university students. BMC Neurol. 2011 Sep 26;11:115. doi: 10.1186/1471-2377-11-115.
  • Headache associated with mobile phone use usually showed stereotyped clinical features including mild intensity, a dull or pressing quality, localisation ipsilateral to the side of MP use, provocation by prolonged cell phone  use and often accompanied by a burning sensation.

Chiu et al.,Mobile phone use and health symptoms in children. J Formos Med Assoc. 2014 Aug 9.  

    • RESULTS: Mobile Phone use was associated with a significantly increased adjusted odds ratio  for headaches and migraine  and skin itches. Children who regularly used Mobile phones were also considered to have a health status worse than it was 1 year ago .

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