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Thursday, June 11, 2015

MCPS Needs To Inform Parents!

Parents Need To Be Fully Informed
Are You Being Told That Wi-Fi Is "Safe"? 

Lack of Safety Documentation: MCPS has been telling parents that WiFi is safe, but MCPS simply cannot make this claim.  The FCC admits there are no government developed safety standards and no medical group or organization has ever said that it is safe. If Wi-Fi is so "safe", why did France ban WiFi for young children and allow only limited use for older children? Why are over a dozen countries issuing protective policies? 

Continuous Exposure: MCPS parents should have been told that robust WiFi has been installed and that the WiFi will be on for the entire school day regardless of whether the students have a computer to use or not. They also have not been told that the radiation level is  stronger then the WiFi radiation children receive at home or probably in any other setting.  If you are an MCPS parent then your child is now exposed for the entire school day to microwave radiation without your consent.  You cannot see or feel WiFi, but that does not mean it is not a risk.

Health Hazard: MCPS parents have not been told about the serious possible risks from wireless radiation and that  ongoing research is still being done on long-term health effects.

WiFi may be everywhere, but we do not yet know the long term consequences of living in a 24-7 wireless environment.  Limiting the wireless as much as possible, until more is known, makes sense and our kids deserve nothing less.

If we are open with parents and inform them of the possible health risks of WiFi in a school setting with wireless devices for every child, we can have a dialogue and come up with the best solutions.  Safe Tech asked  MCPS Chief Technology Officer Sherwin Collette if we could form a joint committee with parents and MCPS to discuss Best Practices, whether it be wired internet access, or WiFi on for only part of the day, etc.  There are safer alternatives. Let's put the children's health as the top priority.   At the very least, given the benefits MCPS claims for WiFi, one might expect MCPS to ask parents to sign a consent form acknowledging and accepting the risks.

Here Is Information MCPS Needs To Share 

Here is a picture of what the access points at the schools look like.   The access points are super strong industrial strength routers that are emitting radiation the entire school day.  They have been placed on the ceiling, right above your children's desks.  It is also possible your child might be sitting above an access point on the classroom ceiling below.  The access points emit radiation for hundreds of feet and the radiation penetrates walls, ceiling,  and floors.

The most dangerous place to be is sitting is right under or above an access point because that is where the radiation is strongest.  When the laptops are used, that adds even more radiation that our children are absorbing.

Many parents have told us that they are requesting that there children be placed as far from the access points as possible.

“The IARC 2B classification (Wireless as a Class 2 B Carcinogen) implies an assurance of safety that cannot be offered—a particular concern, given the prospect that most of the world’s population will have lifelong exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields.”

- Dr. Jonathan Samet, physician and epidemiologist, Chair of the World Health Organization’s EMF Working Group 2011. This statement is from his 2014 Commentary calling for more research. 

Watch Dr. Erica Mallery-Blythe discuss the science on children and wi-fi radiation. 

Read Ten Facts About Wi-Fi in Schools Every Parent Should Know. 

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