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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Dr. Hugh Scully's Testimony Against WIFI

Dr. Hugh Scully's 
Against WIFI 

(Past ­President of Ontario Medical Association, Past­ President of Canadian Medical Association, Past­President of Canadian Cardiovascular Society)

To the City Clerk: 

As a physician leader in Canada with a great commitment to the health of Canadians, I am very concerned about the increasing evidence internationally that EMR is creating increasing health problems in our population as its use increases exponentially. This is particularly true among children and young Canadians, and teacher [and nurses] who are continuously exposed to wifi routers in schools [and hospitals]. 

As a cardiac specialist, I am concerned that approximately 20% of people have detrimental cardiac rhythm sensitivity to EMR. 

This issue is under active consideration by the Health and Public Policy Committee of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, the Health Policy and Public Health Committees of the Canadian Medical Association and the Council of Family Physicians of Canada, the Canadian Pediatric Society and the Canadian Cardiovascular Society. There is an abundance of evidence from around the world that EMR can be harmful to health. Many countries...not Canada or the United States...have initiated policies to mitigate the risks. We, in Canada, need to do the same or more. 

It is imperative that City of Toronto does not install wifi's in public parks and spaces. I ask you to vote against  Councillor Matlow's proposal. 

Sincerely, Dr. Hugh Scully, BA,MD,MSc,FRSC[C],FACS 
Professor of Surgery and Health Policy, University of Toronto, Past­President, OMA, CMA, CCS, Former Member of Council [Board], RCPSC and WMA, Member, Health Policy Advisory Council, American College of Surgeons 

From November 21, 2013 Government Management Committee Meeting on item 2013.GM26.21 Establishment of Free Public Wireless Internet in Toronto Parks Civic.  Outcome: The decision taken by the City of Toronto Committee regarding the proposal for WiFi in parks (and other spaces) was "deferred indefinitely".

Watch the BCC Documentary on Wi-Fi in Schools by clicking on the picture below. 

Read other expert letters. Doctors are speaking out on this issue worldwide. 

Frank Clegg' Letter to Denmark's Committee on Radiation Protection
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Katharina Gustavs, Building Biology Environmental Consultant IBN, Letter to the LAUSD that details the radiation thresholds
Open Letter by British Medical Doctors:  Health and Safety of Wifi and Mobile Phones
Dr. Blanks Letter to LAUSD on Cell Towers near Schools.

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