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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

"It is Criminal to Falsify Health and Safety Information" Testimony about MCPS to the Maryland State Board of Education

"It is Criminal to Falsify Health and Safety Information" 
Thea Scarato's testimony to the Maryland State Board of Education Meeting on May 20, 2016 . 

Letter to the MCPS School System on False Statements on Their Radio frequency Radiation Website. 
APPENDIX 1: 32 False Statements Itemized with documentation
APPENDIX II: Outdated References
APPENDIX III Wireless Funded Research and Statements
APPENDIX IV: Misleading Statements including Details on Why the RF Measurement Report is Inadequate to Assess Student Safety
APPENDIX V: The National Toxicology (NTP) Study on Rodents and Radio-Frequency

Read below Letters by experts to the MCPS school system on their use of wireless radiation technology in the classroom. 

Dr. Martha Herbert’s Letter, Dr. Anthony Miller's Letter, Dr. Lennart Hardell’s Letter , Dr. Carpenters Letter, Dr.  Olle Johansson’s Letter, Dr. Devra Davis' Letter , Cris Rowan Letter,,Dr. Martin Pall’s letter, Katie Singer’s Letter,Cindy Sage and Trevor Marshal  Letter, Ellie Marks Letter , Arthur Firstenberg  Letter, Mikko Ahonen PhD, Lena Hedendahl MD and Tarmo Koppel MSc PhDs Letter, Cece Doucette’s Letter, Alisdair Philips Letter, Lloyd Morgan’s Letter

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