Friday, February 10, 2017

Peter Sullivan on Strategies For Energy Efficiency RE: Wi-Fi Networks in School

Listen to this Excellent Testimony on Energy Efficient Solutions for WiFi in School. Yes, You Can  Reduce Power Consumption and Reduce  Health Risk. The safest solution is to use 100% corded cables to connect to the internet.  This video is from the Palto Alto School District.

California Parent Testifies on Heart Problems Caused by Wireless Radiation

This mother, a doctor, is testifying about the heart problems her child encounters when in a high density wireless hotspot. Parents in Palto Alto California are calling for safe technology. 
Please watch their testimony to the California District School Board Meeting this week in the video below.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Pregnancy, Wireless Radiation and Your Baby: What You Need To Know: The Green Gazette Article

The Green Gazette published an article about the expert recommendations to reduce wireless while pregnant due to evidence showing adverse impacts of wireless to the developing brain. 
Read the article online at the Green Gazette.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Virginia High School Cell Tower Catches FIRE - Video

The cell tower at a Virginia high school caught fire recently. Apparently the fire was at the base and at the top. We assume that fire fell to the ground lighting up the cell tower compound which contains diesel fuel. 
"Firefighters got to the scene along Marshall Avenue at 11:53 a.m. and found “a massive amount of fire at the base of the tower, with wires burning along the full length of the tower,” 

Read the full story at

Chicago French International School IT Committee Calls For Safe Wired Internet

Please see this 2014 Presentation On Safe Technology of the  Lycée Français de Chicago given on June 9, 2014 by the IT committee.

Click here to Download the full presentation at the excellent website WiFiinSchools. 

IT Committee Recommendations include

 Apply easy-to-implement guidelines to minimize Wi-Fi’s contribution to EMF levels: 
• Rely on the ethernet (wired) network first for primary connectivity 
• When considering potential uses for mobile devices in the classroom, plan to:
- Disable wireless radios (e.g. “airplane mode”) by default, except for such times where connectivity is needed
- Avoid unnecessary high bandwidth uses (e.g. don’t stream the same video to 20 wireless devices, stream it once to a classroom display via wired ethernet) 
- Instruct children on proper device positioning (e.g. on the desk rather than the lap) 
 - Consider ways to help educate parents on the overall topic of EMF exposure, including from the use of mobile devices and cell phones

Click here to Download the full presentation at the excellent website WiFiinSchools. 
Read the whole story at WiFi in Schools Website here 

Check out this 4 page PDF that shows research levels in comparison to health effects so you can understand what radiation levels equal what sort of health issue. Download 

Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop: "Cell phones and Wi-Fi could be detrimental to our health"

Wireless radiation in the ultimate beauty guide from the experts at GOOP--the trusted resource for healthy, mindful living, curated by Gwyneth Paltrow
First edition book, published December 2016. Released in Canada & USA December 27, 2016.

"Wi-Fi Free Zone
Preliminary research has suggested that the radiation from cell phones and Wi-Fi signals could be detrimental to our health(and particularly so far children), linking it to changes in brain metabolism and to cancer. For that reason, experts on this front recommend limiting your exposure to cell phones and Wi-Fi…."