Sunday, October 11, 2015

CNN Covers the Health Effects of Wireless Radiation: Sanjay Gupta Special Report

Sanjay Gupta explores the issue of wireless radiation in depth. 

We hope you will watch this video to learn more about how microwave radiation effects our children. Please note that the radiation coming from the transmitters in children's classrooms is the same type as the radiation from your cell phone.

Watch Video of Sanjay Gupta CNN on Wireless Radiation

We have asked MCPS and PGCPS (for years now) to please educate the students on this issue and teach them cell phone precautions to take to lower their risk of brain cancer. We also have told the school administrators that the wireless system in the classroom could poses a serious risk to the health of students and staff and that the best course of action is to avoid this unnecessary radiation exposure and simply use safe corded technology.

Dr. Devra Davis is featured in this CNN piece.

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