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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Breaking News: Consumer Reports Recommends Reducing Cell Phone Wireless Radiation Exposure.

NBC NEWS: The Consumer Reports November Issue now tells cell phone users to keep phones away from their heads and body. The Public school system has a responsibility to teach students this lifesaving information. 

The Consumer Reports article notes that many laboratory studies suggest that exposure to low intensity cell phone radiation can have harmful effects without raising body temperature including creation of "stress proteins" and promotion of brain tumors.

Click Here to READ Consumer Reports Article

Consumer Reports recommends that cell phone users take the following precautions:

  • "Try to keep the phone away from your head and body. That is particularly important when the cellular signal is weak—when your phone has only one bar, for example—because phones may increase their power then to compensate.
  • Text or video call when possible.
  • When speaking, use the speaker phone on your device or a hands-free headset.
  • Don’t stow your phone in your pants or shirt pocket. Instead, carry it in a bag or use a belt clip."
Consumer Reports makes several policy recommendations:
• "The Federal Communications Commission’s cell-phone radiation test is based on the devices’ possible effect on large adults, though research suggests that children’s thinner skulls mean they may absorb more radiation.
• Consumer Reports agrees with concerns raised by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Government Accountability Office about the tests, and thinks that new tests should be developed that take into account the potential vulnerability of children.
We think that cell-phone manufacturers should prominently display advice on steps that cell-phone users can take to reduce exposure to cell-phone radiation."
MCPS and PGCPS have Bring Your Own Device Policies. Students are carrying their cell phones in school all day in their pants pocket and even in their bras. Some classes require you use a cell phone in projects. The school has a responsibility to teach students to use these devices like Consumer Reports Recommends- in safer ways -to avoid brain cancer and other serious diseases. 

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