Wednesday, April 26, 2017

MCPS Superintendent Jack Smith Refers to Outdated FCC Limits as "Safe" Despite No Proof Of Safety.

Please read this letter from Superintendent Jack Smith.

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In response we state that FCC regulations do not protect the public. 
Why is MCPS hanging onto outdated regulations?
Why is MCPS statin that FCC limits are "safe" when there is no proof of safety and countless organizations state concerns about these limits?

See this excerpt from Comments by Scientists to the State of Maryland:
"As the US EPA has detailed, FCC regulations were set intending to protect from thermal effects only and not intending to protect from non-thermal effects from long-term chronic exposures. Since, the World Health Organization’s International Agency for the Research on Cancer classified radiofrequency radiation as a Class 2 B Carcinogen in 2011, evidence has significantly increased that long-term radiofrequency radiation exposure causes cancer. It has been scientifically demonstrated that adverse biological effects can occur at non-thermal levels of radiofrequency fields. A recent animal study performed by the National Toxicology Program in the United States found an increased incidence of cancer and increased DNA damage in rats with prolonged exposure to radiofrequency fields that were too weak to increase temperature. Importantly, these adverse effects (and other effects now well documented in scientific literature) occurred at levels below those that cause “thermal” injury, contrary to what had long been espoused by the FCC. Therefore, FCC regulations do not provide adequate protection for children as the regulations do not account for biological effects at these non-thermal levels.  
The American Academy of Pediatrics has long called on the federal government to inform the public and to strengthen FCC limits because children are more vulnerable to radiofrequency radiation exposures due to their unique anatomy and physiology, and rapid development. Considering that children will have a lifetime of exposure, it is critically important to reduce childhood RF exposures in schools and homes and equally important to address the myriad of ways children are exposed be it from Wi-Fi, tablets and/or cell phones."

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