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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Worcester Massachusetts School Board Explores Health Risks of Wi-Fi in School

Worcester school board hesitant but curious about possible WiFi health risk
The School Committee plans to continue wading into the controversial topic of the potential health effect of wireless internet in schools, despite some hesitance from a few members.
Brian O’Connell, chairman of the committee’s Teaching, Learning and Student Supports Standing Committee, said Thursday night that the committee, at its meeting Monday, agreed to a number of motions concerning “radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation,” including asking the district to consider expanding wired internet instead of wireless where possible in buildings, provide instructions on how to turn off wireless internet, and post on the schools’ website two documents dealing with WiFi safety.
The standing committee took up the issue after hearing concerns from local residents, and will continue, at its next meeting, in December, to look into measures the district could take.

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