Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Congressional Briefing on Wireless Harm: US Committee on Health, Education, Labor September 21, 2016

Wednesday September 21, 2016 Dr. Martin Pall , who wrote a letter to Montgomery County Schools last year,   presented to the US Senate on his research showing microwave (wireless) radiation exposure leads to serious nervous system effects. 

"In 2015, 206 international scientists signed a statement sent to the United Nations Secretary General and to member states, stating that international safety guidelines and standards are inadequate to protect human health [6].  Each of these 206 scientists from 40 countries had scientific publications on biological effects of such EMFs and therefore each is well qualified to judge this.  It can be seen from this statement to the UN, that there is a strong scientific consensus that current safety guidelines and standards are inadequate because they do not take into consideration all of the non-thermal health effects produced by various EMF exposures."
-Martin L. Pall, Professor Emeritus, Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences,  

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