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Monday, February 15, 2016

Wi-Fi Tech in Schools: Violations of Health and Privacy Without Consent: Parents Testify to the Montgomery County Board Meeting

 "I clearly remember Lorillard executives standing up in Congress, raising their right hand and swearing, ‘smoking is not harmful to your health..." 

2/9/2016 "Chromebooks pose violations of children's right to privacy and health without their knowledge or consent." Several parents gave testimony to the Montgomery County Board of Education calling for accountability with the wireless tech initiative. 

"MD Student Privacy Act of 2015 prohibits vendors from selling student data. However, many of the MCPS contracts with Google and Pearson (which administers the PARCC test) predate the law. Google and Pearson can collect, study and sell our children’s data without our knowledge and consent. The data could then be used for building student psychological profiles7 or for tailor-made behavioral advertising."

Parents testified about the scientists stating there are health risks from wireless technology.  Over 15 experts have written the County  and they asked the Board to take action. Parents testified that the current information on the MCPS website has false statements and is misleading.

Listen to this High School Student Speak About Her Concerns.

"I have also learned that asking the MCPS technology department to look into whether their wireless technology program is safe is like asking the tobacco industry if smoking is a good idea."

"I am worried about the credible evidence of cellular DNA damage from non­thermal microwave frequency EMFs emitted by Wi­Fi. I’m very worried that there are so many amazing people who are experts on this topic warning us to be much more careful, especially with our children." 

"It is unethical to knowingly post false information and not to act to protect children when such a serious matter is brought to your attention. You have a duty of care to every student and your job is to ensure their safety. "

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